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Samsung Q1 for Sale August 2, 2006

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If you have not already noticed, the Samsung Q1 UMPC is for sale. If you pop into London, many of the shops in Tottenham Court Road are selling them aswell as many other websites.The prices start from around £680, which, may be a little expensive for an oversized PDA (or a shrunk tablet PC, however you want to look at it).

Make a search on froogle for Samsung Q1 and you’ll be sure to find one. http://froogle.google.co.uk/froogle?q=samsung%20q1&sourceid=mozilla-search&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&sa=N&tab=wf


Nike + iPod August 2, 2006

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Apple have joined up with Nike to bring you Nike+. What is it? Well, Apple provides the iPod, Nike provides the running shoes, and Apple joins them together; wirelessly ofcoarse. How does it work? If you buy the special Nike+ shoes (and yes, it does only work with special Nike+ shoes) and the iPod connector, you can insert a small reciever in your shoe, attach another small connector on the end of your iPod, and you are ready to go.

“This sounds all well and good, but what’s the point?” says the sceptic reader. When you run, this new connectivity between your shoes and your iPod allows your iPod to calculate how far you have run, how fast you are running and how many calories you burned. After you have completed your workout, just plug your iPod (it only works with iPod Nano) into your computer and nikeplus.com will show you how well you did. You also have the option to create goals and set challenges for your friends.

The Nike+ Running shoes are available in a few styles, my favourite being the Nike Air Moire. They are extremely light and very comfortable. Also available are the Nike+ arm bands which look undoubtedly better than the official iPod ones. This, although a little pricey, is very comfortable, and when running, you hardly even notice it’s there. It also protects you iPod from sweat (apparently).

How much does this cost? Only £19! However, that’s excluding the Running Shoes (£65), the Armband (£20), the iPod (from £99) and ofcoarse the music. But even though it is not the cheapest way to excercise, it certainly gives it a bit more interest and is worth the buy. Go on! you know you want it!

Apple 20-inch Intel 2.0GHz Core Duo iMac Review July 27, 2006

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20-inch Display
2.0 GHz Intel Core-duo
2048 MB RAM
256 MB Graphics Card

The Intel iMac has everything the G5 version has but with a new core; a dual core to be precise. This allows the iMac to run faster than ever. Of coarse, installing 2 GB of RAM helps this cause, along with the Radeon X1600 graphics card.

The iMac comes with the usual iLife suite, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and Garage Band. All this software has been completed extremely professionally and is very intuitive to use.

Things that impress me about the iMac, are the little finishing touches that show that Apple have really taken their time designing this product; such as the built-in iSight Camera and Microphone, and the FrontRow remote control, which sticks nicely to the side of the iMac through it’s built-in magnet, and of coarse the Apple logo, placed in the centre of your iMac.

Being a Windows and Apple user, naturally, I was keen to install Bootcamp straight away. (Bootcamp was released by Apple and creates partitions on your hard disk, allowing you to install Windows onto your Intel Based Mac.) To switch between operating systems, you must turn off your computer, and turn it back on again, whilst holding the option (alt) key. You then have the choice of either loading Mac OS X or Windows XP (Home or Pro).

Windows took around 40 minutes to install and runs extremely well. I now have the option to install and non-universal programs onto Windows, instead of using Rosetta.

When it comes to gaming, the iMac is an ideal compromise between professional work and gaming. Obviously there are many other machines out there much more capable of playing games than the iMac, however, with the 256 MB graphics card installed, games like Age of Empire III work very fast and are great to play.

The iLife suite is fantastic. One of my favourite applications is Garage Band. This allows you to record and make your own music. You can either plug in your Keyboard or Microphone, or if you don’t have an instrument, there are a variety of loops and sound effects at your disposal. Garage Band also features Podcast creation.

A great feature of OS X Tiger is the Widgets. Just click on the Widgets icon in your Doc, or press F12, and you are shown your local weather forecast, calculator, stocks and shares, or whatever you choose or download. (The apple website has a large selection to choose from).

Now for the important bit, how fast is the iMac? The iMac is fast. Loading basic applications such as safari takes about 1 second, like wise for Mail and iPhoto.

The iMac takes around 25 seconds to turn on and load OS X or Windows.

Loading more advanced applications such as Photoshop (in Windows) is also noticeably quicker than a 3.00 GHz Windows machine. Photoshop CS2 runs very well. It takes very little time to run advanced filters on images.

I installed Age of Empires III onto the iMac to see how well the graphics card could handle the graphics. On medium graphic settings the game runs very smoothly, even if your screen is filled with two fighting armies. On the highest settings, the frame rate is slow and it is unplayable. This computer is obviously not designed for gaming.

Overall, if you want to use this computer for graphic design, photo editing, the occasional game and even video editing, this is the computer for you.

And beware, you will grow accustomed to the 20inch screen very quickly and within a week it starts to look much smaller.

Design: 9/10
Performance: 9/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 83%
Verdict: Even though the iMac may cost a bit more than your average PC, this is definitely not an average PC.

Another Macbook pro? May 5, 2006

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Yep. But this time with a twist! This Macbook pro has a 36 percent brighter 17 inch screen. Designed for business and creative professionals, the new 17-inch MacBook Pro includes an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 PCI Express graphics with 256MB of dedicated GDDR3 graphics memory for demanding professional applications, and a Scrolling TrackPad to easily scroll through long web pages or pan across large photographs.

Providing industry-leading connectivity and high-performance I/O, every new 17-inch MacBook Pro also includes a FireWire® 800 port, a FireWire 400 port, three USB 2.0 ports, optical and digital audio input and output, built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), and integrated AirPort Extreme 54 Mbps 802.11g WiFi wireless networking.

Don’t expect this package (especially from Apple) at a low price. The retail price for this portable desktop is $2,799 (US).

Macs do windows too? April 5, 2006

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Courtesy of AppleIs this the major 30th anniversary announcement we have been waiting for from Apple. Sadly no. Or is it? But don’t be disappointed, you can still get a little excited. Apple have announced “Boot Camp”. A beta download enabling you to run Windows on your Intel Mac.

“Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple’s superior hardware now that we use Intel processors,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We think Boot Camp makes the Mac even more appealing to Windows users considering making the switch.”

Download it yourself at http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp. All you need is an Intel-based Mac with a USB keyboard and mouse, or a built-in keyboard and TrackPad; Mac OS X version 10.4.6 or later; the latest firmware update; at least 10GB of free space on the startup disk; a blank recordable CD or DVD; and single-disc version of Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later.

Boot Camp will be a feature in “Leopard,” Apple’s next major release of Mac OS X, that will be previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in August.

UMPC Pre-order on Play.com April 1, 2006

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Have you been following the progress of the Origami Project, now known as UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC – see www.microsoft.com/umpc) – The "ultra" slim, portable, touch screen, device capable of running Windows XP, will be available from many manufacturers such as Asus and Samsung.

It seems you can pre-order the Samsung version of this device (the Q1) at play.com (here) for £799, which translates roughly into $1395.

I can certainly say it is an attractive package, but with that pricetag…hmm…

Google Romance, what ever next? April 1, 2006

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speaks for itself really….

http://www.google.com/romance/  "Google Romance is a place where you can post all types of romantic information"

Hmm, you just remember the… never mind

DS Lite March 25, 2006

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First the Gameboy Micro, now the DS Lite. Featuring brighter screens, Nintendo DS Lite will launch in Japan in March. Nintendo DS Lite will be less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter.

Nintendo DS has enjoyed extremely strong sales in Japan and around the world, selling more than 14.4 million units worldwide. The Japanese sell-through of the existing Nintendo DS hardware exceeded 5 million within 13 months, which made Nintendo DS the fastest-selling video game system there.

There may not have much information, but there is no shortage of pictures…


Touch Screen Q3 Ericsson to hit shelves Q3 March 24, 2006

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The new super-slim W950 is soon to be released. The Erricsson phone boasts touch screen, broadband fast email and web, 4GB flash memory (up to 4000 songs). Beyond music, the W950 is a complete mobile entertainment centre that delivers great speed and exceptional quality sound and vision. Users can now enjoy the complete spectrum of mobile multimedia applications, from web browsing, push email and video streaming to 3D gaming and store-and-share of media files. Besides music, 4GB is enough storage for a wealth of photos, video’s or email attachments in the phone.

Stereo sound through wireless headphones is now possible as the W950 support Bluetooth streaming in stereo. The Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBH-DS970 also announced today and available as an accessory delivers high quality stereo sound through stylish, comfortable headphones.

Two big questions are left here; Is this mobile Walkman good enough to rival the hugely popular iPod? And will it be affordable? We’ll just have to wait and see, however I suspect the answer to both of these will be no…

PSP Tuner March 24, 2006

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We’ve mentioned iPod FM tuners before, but never an FM tuner for the PSP. The iFM from Griffin Technology costs $49.99 and features LED screen and fits into your PSP headphone/remote slot. Just like the iPod tuner, your headphones fit into the bottom of the device.

You can purchase the iFM at the griffin technology website (www.griffintechnology.com) along with many other PSP/iPod products.