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Xbox 360 Premium: Reviewed February 3, 2006

Posted by Chris in Reviews.

Enter you local gaming store and you will soon discover how hard it is to get your hands oXbox 360n Microsofts new Xbox 360, and there is a good reason for that. Once you have experienced the 360s power on a High Definition TV, there will be no going back. The animation on PGR3 is superb, the graphics are really sharp, sometimes looking just about real. However, shove a game like Call of Duty into your 360 and don’t expect to get the same kick out of the graphics. It seems top quality graphics are restrcited to racing games, but don’t be dissapointed it your not a car racing fan, because the graphics on other genres of game are still massively better on the 360. This is largely down to the HD output.

Another great feature of the 360 are the wireless controllers. When you buy a controller you don’t have to plug a reciever into the 360, that is built in. Also, the headset (included with the premium pack) slots directly into the controller allowing you to sit the opposite side of the room to your Xbox and still chat with anyone else playing online.

Plus Points:

  • Great Graphics
  • Clear Audio
  • Very intuative user interface
  • Fast loading times

Minus Points:

  • You need an HDTV to experience the full capabilities of the Xbox
  • Expensive games

Overall, I would give the Xbox 360 9/10



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